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The Windowless Interface

A Unified Global Application

Screnix is a Windowless User System that combines in one single "unified global application" the basic functions of:

Unified means that all these "sub-applications" act as "modes" of one global application. Instead of working in different applications, you start with a document and place the document in editor, spreadsheet, draw, paint... mode. The Screnix user system is thus "task" or "document" oriented.

The System has two main types of interaction modes:

The functionality of each of these modes is expandable and customizable by adding "plug-ins" that can be downloaded from the web.

A Windowless User Interface

The Screnix environment is document oriented, there exist only separate documents and tasks. There are no separate applications, there is therefore no need for separate application windows. This means the windows metaphor dissapears and only the document and desktop metaphors remain. The Screnix environment has no windows.

Since the Screnix environment is entirely windowless, scrollbars, statusbars and titelbars will no longer be used. Buttons, menus and other interaction-items will no longer be permanently visble on the screen. Navigation and interaction with documents and files will take place through temporary visible interaction-units and special buttons on analogous input devices and through special keys on the keyboard.

Enhanced and Standardized Keyboard

Interaction with documents and files in the different modes will take place in a standardized way. Actions that are identical in different modes may be executed by hitting a single key on the enhanced keyboard. Examples are repeat, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste. The layout of the keyboard will be standardized and must be "self-evident". Key-combinations and "quasi-modes" are avoided wherever possible.

Here you can get the feel of the filosofy of a self-evident Standardized Keyboard

The Windowless Web Viewer

Like the other modes in Screnix, the browser mode is also windowless. A web browser has a relatively simple user interface, but also relies heavily on analogue interaction (mouse, trackball, etc.). The Windowless Web Viewer ("Screenfox" ?) is therefore a good place to start the development of the different Screnix modes.

Open Source Design

Screnix is an Open Source project. This means that the source code of the software may be freely copied and integrated into other open source software. The Screnix project involves not only the development of software. Since Screnix is a fully integrated system, output as well as input and processing interact very intimately with each other. So, in fact the design of the User Interface is even more important than the development of the underlying software.

The Screnix User System will act as a windowless version of the combination of Gobe, Firefox + multi-player and file-manager. Together with the analogue and digital input devices (standardized keyboard) it forms an organic entity, designed to react as intuitively and as easy and pleasant as possible.

Screnix modules

  1. Installer (Mac/Windows/etc & Screnix partitions - multiple boot)
  2. Linux Kernel
  3. Screnix Matrix (interface shell)
  4. Builder-Modes: Editor / Word Processing / Spreadsheet / Draw / Paint / Presentation
  5. Viewer-Modes: Browser / Multi-Player / Filemanager (incl. Zip/CD/DVD/etc)


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